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Pizza Maru冬季節日限定餐牌嶄新登場🍕🍗

今年Pizza Maru為大家隆重呈獻冬季節日限定餐牌以迎接假期歡樂氣氛🎄,特別的滋味於聖誕佳節一同與摯愛親友分享🥳
芝士控必試🧀芝味粟米薄脆炸雞薄餅 - 呈半球型外殼嘅粟米脆片表面淋上🥑牛油果及🧀車打芝士醬,香滑之餘帶有陣陣芝士味 再用專用小錘子🔨敲碎外殼就變成獨特嘅墨西哥風味粟米脆片,不單止可以單獨品嚐,又可作為薄餅配料一同享用😋!

兩款新口味薄餅🍕外型獨特敲碎外層酥脆嘅粟米脆片即見到內裡都鋪滿招牌蒜香甜辣炸雞,一次過滿足不同願望! 🎁🎉


Pizza Maru Proudly Presents ‘Winter Festive Pizza’ 🍕🍗
🎅🏻Christmas is coming and everyone is excited to plan their gathering with family and friends. Limited-edition  ‘Winter Festive Menu‘ is now avalable to celebrate the joyful holidays with everyone. 😍
For cheese lover🧀😍, you will love our Chessy Nacho Bombshell Pizza with a dome shell made from corn crisps. It’s topped with homemade 🥑guacamole and 🧀cheddar cheese sauce, and the sauce is smooth with rich cheese flavour. After you break the dome with a small hammer provided, the bombshell becomes flavour coated Mexican style nacho chips which you can enjoy by itself or consume as a topping on the pizza slice. 😋

If you are a member of team-spicy🌶️, then you must try the other pizza called Spicy Nacho Bombshell Pizza. It’s topped with our homemade 🍅spicy tomato sauce and sour cream; this flavoured beauty is surely irresistible in every bite! 🤩

After using the special hammer to break the bombshell, you will find both pizza topped with our signature garlic sweet chilli glazed fried chicken🍗. That is a one big tick off your Christmas wish list to enjoy a meal of delicious pizza, fried chicken, and FUN! 🎁🎉

✨Available from 1st December 2023 to 2nd January 2024. 
✨Each store is limited to 20 servings per day only.

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