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由即日起至2024年3月17日,Pizza Maru將送出500份芝士粟米片烤牛薄餅🥳。

凡堂食惠顧芝士粟米片烤牛薄餅,就有機會搵到我地收埋左係薄餅木盤下嘅黃金獎券🎟️,搵到獎券嘅幸福兒就可以免費即時享用喇🤩! 大家快啲喚醒你心中嘅小Charlie👦🏻,真係急不及待想知道邊個係幸運得獎者🎉🎉




🔔🔔Are you in ready for a treat🍕? We are giving away 500 Nacho Cheese Bulgoggi Pizza from now until 17th March 2024🥳. When you order Nacho Cheese Bulgoggi Pizza, we're hiding the golden ticket🎟️ under the pizza board for the chance to win the pizza for free🤩! So channel your inner Charlie👦🏻 & we can't wait to see who the lucky winners are 🎉🎉

📍Available in all outlets, limited daily quotas available while stock last.

📌Terms and conditions apply, for more details:

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