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LINE FRIENDS meets Pizza Maru

LINE FRIENDS SALLY拿住把小油刷將佢最鍾意嘅黃色四周髹,依家髹到嚟香港!今日佢同畀佢髹到成身黃色嘅 LINE FRIENDS朋友仔正式抵達 Pizza Maru !🥳 LINE FRIENDS SALLY仲將Pizza Maru都髹成咗佢最喜愛嘅黃色,打造成一個充滿活力嘅黃色世界💛


與此同時,LINE FRIENDS SALLY 仲同 Pizza Maru 一齊準備咗 「LINE FRIENDS meets Pizza Maru」YELLOW SALLY 特別餐牌畀大家,包括 #芒果芝士薄餅世界 🍕 #香芒鮮蝦炸雞派對 🍗 #鮮蝦忌廉意大利飯小花園 同埋 #黃金烤肉芝士意粉樂園 🍝,仲有多款 YELLOW SALLY 主題限定版新品同埋商品。


歡迎大朋友同小朋友都過嚟 Pizza Maru 同 LINE FRIENDS 朋友仔一齊進入 LINE FRIENDS SALLY 嘅黃色世界!👋🏻


LINE FRIENDS SALLY and LINE FRIENDS buddies have arrived at Pizza Maru🥳


LINE FRIENDS SALLY not only painted LINE FRIENDS buddies all in yellow,  LINE FRIENDS SALLY also turned Pizza Maru into her favourite yellow color overnight! What a surprise 💛


「LINE FRIENDS meets Pizza Maru」YELLOW SALLY Special Menu are available from today, come and enjoy Mango Mac and Cheese Pizza🍕,  Mango Prawn Fried Chicken🍗, Saffron Risotto with Cajun Prawn, and Golden Linguine with Bulgogi Beef 🍝 with LINE FRIENDS, and don't miss out the chance to bring home your favourite "YELLOW SALLY" merchandise and add-on privileges for redemption.


Let's come to the energetic yellow world painted by LINE FRIENDS SALLY and enjoy the limited-time delicacies with your friends  in Pizza Maru today . 👋🏻


Terms and conditions apply.




#LINEFRIENDSHongKong #Pizzamaru

#MakesEverythingYellow #SALLYS_ATTACK_2024


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